Additional Terms and Conditions for Islamic Accounts

In addition to the TigerWit Conditions and Clauses, including the Terms and Conditions of Business, which apply to your TigerWit trading account the following conditions will apply:

No swap charges, rollover fees or commissions will be applied to each new position for the first 10 days that the position is open.

If the position remains open after 10 days, a daily administration fee will be applied by TigerWit until the position is closed. The administration fee will apply in full for each day or part thereof that a position remains open. Please see our fee’s below:

Fx, Metals & Crypto’s: $12.5 per lot, per day.

Indices: $5 per lot, per day.

Any existing TigerWit accounts will be converted to an Islamic account at the time that the new TigerWit Islamic account is open. As part of the conversion, all positions will be closed at the next available price for the relevant instrument(s), all funds will be moved to the Wallet and all existing copy trading arrangements will cease.

In relation to copy trading, an Islamic account holder may only follow a Master account which also operates under the TigerWit Islamic account structure.