Latency Trading

Our quotes are indicative only and we will accept trades at our sole discretion. Due to the nature of online trading systems and the potential unreliability of market price feeds, we may, at our sole discretion, delete or amend your trades (and any related trades) which, in our opinion, do not reflect the underlying market prices when the relevant trade was placed. We will not be responsible for losses sustained by you through our rejection or cancellation of a trade. Should you incur losses with another company due to reliance on a trade subsequently cancelled or amended by us we are not liable for said losses.

If any trade is placed on our trading platform that has been subject to an external manipulation of the price offered on the trading platform (or through the manipulation of the underlying market) we reserve the right, without your consent, to either amend the price of any trade made or to cancel the trade in its entirety. Any such unlawful attempt to manipulate our quoted prices, our trade acceptance process or to manipulate the underlying market may be reported to the relevant authorities. If you have previously received monies from us as a consequence of such manipulation you agree to immediately return all such monies to us.

TigerWit offers its services in all good faith and expects the same from our clients. If we believe that any account is acting in any way that is detrimental to this ethos we may, at our sole discretion, close said account and remove any profits made by the activity involved. All trades should be made at a price that is fair and based upon the underlying market price of the relevant market. If this is deemed to not be the case (i.e. Manifest Price Error, Latency Trading to name two such examples) then TigerWit may adjust the prices of said trades to reflect the correct underlying market price at the time of the transaction or cancel the relevant trades (and any related trades) in their entirety.

Manifest Price Error:

where the price quoted materially and clearly deviates from the prevailing underlying market price at the time that it was quoted.

Latency Trading:

where we believe, at our sole discretion, that the client is using unfair means, as determined in our sole discretion, to trade to their advantage ahead of our price updates.