Declaration by Client

Declaration by Client

I have read the Risk Disclosure Statement related to foreign exchange trade and Risk Warning and Exemptions for Trading on TigerWit Trading Platform, and have fully understood and accepted all contents contained in the above documents and learnt and acknowledged the contents and potential risks of order following trade. The investment decision of mine is made fully based on my independent judgment and I will bear all related risks and all consequences incurred thereby.

I agree and hereby appoint TigerWit as my consignor, which will exercise the trading right on behalf of me after I clicked "Agree", and agree to make trade in the mode of following the "trading master" opted by me and all obligations and risks produced thereby shall be undertaken by myself.

I have acknowledged the following rules of TigerWit that position will be opened based on the proportion between following capital and capital in account of the "trading master" and that position will be opened based on that of 0.01 for those less than 0.01 and the open order would be the following order.I have known that all customers in the TigerWit's foreign exchange accounts can become a foreign exchange trading master, tiger foreign exchange for its customers to become a trading master did not set specific conditions and standards.

I agree and authorize TigerWit to deduct 20% profits in real time from the concluded order at any natural month and check the overall amount of profits of the previous natural month prior to the 15th day of the following month. The 20% profit is the only fee for “trading master”. In addition, after calculating the commissions or bonuses, they will be paid to the "trading master" as commissions or bonuses for the following orders. I have confirmed and acknowledged that there are risks in order following trading and also learned that the historical performance of the "trading master" does not represent performance in the future and that all losses and responsibilities incurred by order following shall be borne by myself.

Risk Warning and Exemptions for Trading on TigerWit Trading Platform

1. TigerWit trading platform is a global social investment platform for individual investors and all services rendered by TigerWit are all in compliance with the law.

2. TigerWit shall bear responsibilities for the order following services rendered, while all trading risks and consequences incurred by any operation (including but not limited to order following trade based on the trading behaviors of the "trading master") of any clients shall be borne by the client.

3. TigerWit shall not bear any profit and loss risks in trading or trading losses, unless there is any evidence proving that TigerWit should assume partial or all risks or responsibilities for a certain trade.

4. Any information on TigerWit's website, including but not limited to comment, forecast, charts, indicators, theories, explicit or implied instructions, is for reference only. The investor shall bear liabilities on his/her own for any independent decisions.

5. As for the "trading masters" and relevant information offered by TigerWit, TigerWit shall guarantee the accuracy of the historical data thereof, but shall not bear any liability for any losses caused by partial or all the above information or incurred by reliance on the above information.

6. TigerWit shall not assume any liability for compensation for any direct, indirect, derived or special losses due to use or failure to use order following services, unless there is any evidence proving that TigerWit shall be responsible for such losses.

7. In case of partial or full interruption, delay, misdirection or wrong data transmission or storage due to malfunction or failure of Internet software and hardware devices or human errors, or in case of garbled or forged data by third-party invasion system, TigerWit shall not bear any liabilities unless there is any contrary evidence.

8. With the consent and authorization of the client, TigerWit can initiate order following operation, perform order following transactions and deduct 20% of net profits earned by the client by order following to pay to the "trading master" as commissions or bonuses. The client has acknowledged and agreed to accept this order following mode and the profit deduction scheme and is also willing to bear the trading risks caused thereby.