Contracts for differences

Contracts for Difference (CFD) can reflect the price changes of stock or index and offer the profits or losses caused by price changes. Contracts for difference is the most familiar trading tool to Chinese residents and in Reuter's Financial Glossary it is defined as trading mode in which exchange of physical commodities or securities is not involved and only the balance between settlement price and contract price is used for cash settlement.

TigerWit's advantages in stock index and contracts for difference
  • Extensive products

    TigerWit offers the trading categories on global mainstream stock markets, including such mainstream stock index products as US Dollar Index, Nikkei and European blue chip index.

  • High fund utilization rate

    Margin level as low as 2% is offered

  • Low threshold

    The extremely low entry threshold enables investors to take part without the need of tens of thousands of dollars that are needed by stock index futures.

  • Transparent quotation

    TigerWit provides quotation of top banks, thus helping investors achieve price discovering.

  • Follow masters' move

    TigerWit provides advanced and creative full-automatic order following system and gathers numerous investment masters with great profit-making capabilities. The investors have the ability to gain the earnings of the same proportion with the masters through following them. Masters can also gain more earnings through increasing their followers continuously.

How to achieve stock index trade in TigerWit?

An investor of TigerWit bought one lot of European blue chip index (eusbx50) around 10:00 am EST on October 22, platform time of TigerWit at the position of 3260 by EUR 65.

On the second day, the trade was closed at the position of 3440 around 14:00 pm EST on October 23.The earnings obtained by the client is 3440 – 3260 = EUR180 the yield rate of which is 180/65/100% = 276%.

Introduction to TigerWit financial stock index
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