Precious Metals

They belong to the traditional safe-haven assets and with the progress of science and technology occupies an important position in the industrial market and also represents a safe commodity.

What is spot gold and silver trading?

Margin trade of spot gold and silver is also known as London gold and silver exchange. London gold and silver per standard lot is 100 ounces and 5000 ounces separately. What is different from New York gold futures period is spot gold. Swap and extension are not needed for spot silver. contract value and leverage are more flexible and the fund utilization rate is much higher.

TigerWit's advantages in foreign exchange trading
  • High leverage

    TigerWit offers three kinds of leverage for flexible option and the leverage of spot silver is as high as 200 times.

  • Low trading cost

    The cost of trading spot silver in TigerWit is as low as USD 1.29 / kg, equivalent to RMB 8.7 /kg. (the currency conversion will be subject to real-time rate)

  • Low threshold

    Margin level than the domestic spot silver is 300 RMB, while the minimum trading margin for spot silver trading in TigerWit is as low as USD10.

  • Achieve gold and silver trading by one account

    Given the restrictions of China's national conditions, most domestic exchanges can only trade spot silver but fail to trade gold. However, gold products fall into the trade category of greater importance in the international market. Given such situations, TigerWit can provide both silver and gold trading, rendering more independent choices for investors.

  • Trading by MT4

    TigerWit has adopted an extensively used and mature MT4 platform and launched an intelligent trading module, closely following the trend of the world’s financial market.

  • Follow masters' move

    TigerWit provides advanced and creative full-automatic order following system and gathers numerous investment masters with great profit-making capabilities. The investors have the ability to gain the earnings of the same proportion with the masters through following them. Masters can also gain more earnings through increasing their followers continuously.

Introduction to TigerWit precious metal products
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