TigerWit Stock CFD Product Introduction

Stock trading via CFDs is a simple way to speculate on whether you think that the value of a companies share will increase or decrease in value. Unlike buying physical shares of a company on a stock market, by trading share CFDs, you can benefit from their price going up or down.Equity CFDs also have the added advantage of increased market liquidity and leveraged trading which is why they have become such a popular form of online trading.Trading share CFDs is also commission free which avoids transactional costs that can be included in buying or selling physical stock in a company.
TigerWit offers you the ability to go long or short on some of the most heavily traded stock CFDs in the world. This is in addition to the most popular FX pairs, Commodities including Oil and Gold, and Indices from around the world that we provide as tradable products to our clients. All of which by harnessing the power of our trading technology and backed by blockchain.

Advantages of trading equity CFDs with TigerWit
  • Low transaction costs

    With leveraged trading, you only need to put down a small amount of margin to open a market position that of much greater value. In addition, share dealing with TigerWit is commission free.

  • Buy or Sell stock CFDs

    By trading stock CFDs, you can open a position in either direction so that you can speculate on the value of a share going up or down.

  • Copy Trading feature

    By trading stock CFDs with TigerWit, you can take advantage of the Copy Trading feature that will automatically follow the trades of the investors of their choice and benefit from their experience and strategies.

How online stock CFD trading works

Traders have the choice of using either the award-winning TigerWit app or the MT4 platform to buy and sell share CFDs to suit their needs.

When researching a stock, many people take advantage of charts, following financial news and other trading tools to spot opportunities that arise in the market. If they believe that they have found an opportunity in the market, they can open and close deals with just a couple of clicks.

To ensure their trading strategy remains in place, they can also use tools including a stop loss or take profit to maintain or close their position automatically.

TigerWit Stock CFD Product Introduction
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