What we do

Trading Platforms

TigerWit provides its clients with an extraordinary trading experience delivered through its proprietary online and mobile trading platforms. This experience is unique and gives TigerWit an advantage in comparison to other brokers.

TigerWit’s Apps simplify and streamline the client journey and minimise variability of user experience. This enables TigerWit to focus investment and development wholly on innovation within one dealing environment rather than having to maintain and develop multiple interfaces for multiple audiences.






Financial Services

TigerWit offers self-directed trading accounts, general advisory and trade execution services made through the online trading platform via liquidity providers. TigerWit’s specific authorised financial services business activities include:

Dealing as agent or principal, in Forex, CFDs, indices, commodities and derivatives;

Arranging deals in securities including Forex, CFDs, indices, commodities and derivatives;

Managing securities on a discretionary basis;

Advising on securities.

General advice in Forex, Derivatives and Contracts for Difference (CFDs)

TigerWit provides general advice to wholesale or retail clients on a non-personalised basis. Activities include general product information, seminars, webinars, newsletters, general knowledge and education.

Arranging and dealing Forex, Derivatives and Contracts for Difference (CFDs)

TigerWit’s online trading platform executes a client’s trade on behalf of the client through an over-the-counter market transaction. CFDs are financial instruments using underlying assets with the buy and sell prices offered through the trading platform. CFDs are transacted in major currencies, Indices, precious metals and commodities.

Trading is offered 24 hours a day when markets are open.

Client on-boarding

Clients are on-boarded using an on-line process that gathers the client’s name and identification in order to perform KYC and AML checks. Information about the client will be collected to ensure the product suits the client’s level of experience and risk profile. The process is available for viewing through the website
When the client is accepted, the client’s account is established and login credentials are provided to the client.

Safety of Client Funds

When clients deposit funds with TigerWit, those funds are segregated from TigerWit’s operating accounts. Client Segregated Accounts safeguard client funds and ensure quick and seamless withdrawals when requested by a client.

Why we do it

Self-directed traders appreciate speculating on movements in the price of underlying assets. When opening an account, the client retains legal and beneficial ownership of all assets within the account and trades their account on their own discretionary basis. TigerWit’s trading platforms allows the client to access instruments with low correlation in comparison with traditional investing.

Key features of TigerWit’s offering includes:

Exposure to volatility

Investments that can navigate volatility are important in today’s markets.

Exposure to financial instruments

Currencies, commodities and indices enjoy high liquidity, low cost and the ability to achieve results in both rising and falling markets.


The client may take leveraged positions with the aim of increasing returns, but leverage can also lead to increased losses.

Diversified approach

A wide range of trading methods and strategies.

Low correlation to general market risk factors

Absolute returns compared to traditional asset classes such as equities and bonds.

Investment diversification

Potential for positive returns in both rising and falling markets.

Transparent and flexible

Clients have full access to and retain control of their funds.