TigerWit is proud to partner with
Liverpool Football Club

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    Today is a proud day for TigerWit, we are launching our innovative blockchain-based trading app and partnering with Liverpool FC. TigerWit believes in a market that does not discriminate or play favourites. We have developed a pioneering blockchain-based settlement system that instills trust by delivering greater security and process efficiency. Trading should be, and can be, more transparent and fair for all traders, regardless of experience or the size of their account.

Tim Hughes

TigerWit CEO

    As our official Online Foreign Exchange Trading Partner, we are very excited to develop our partnership with TigerWit. Liverpool FC has a large number of fans across the globe, particularly in TigerWit’s core markets in the UK, Europe and Asia. Through this new partnership with TigerWit, we look forward to marketing activations, which help bring our fans around the world even closer to the Club.

Billy Hogan

Managing Director and Chief

Commercial Officer,Liverpool FC

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