How to get on the TigerWit Masters' List

TigerWit ranks according to master's trading performance, the better the performance, the better the ranking is.

First Step: Open a TigerWit live account, and complete the verification process.

Second Step: TigerWit’s master list changes with the trading performance, demands of become a finalist are as follow:

Complete ID verification and open a Live account;

Make minimum initial deposit and self-trade for at least 20 trading days;

Your overall profit must be 20% or more;

Your overall account equity is no less than USD500.

At Last: TigerWit will comprehensively assess the finalists,in order to decide who can get on the masters' list. The decisive factors are as follow:

Total Profit Rate: The trader's trading income ratio.

Order quantity:The number of trading orders.

Accuracy:The proportion of profitable orders.

Master's Rights and Obligations

The master is copied by other users, will get 20% of the profits of the replicator;

Master’s trading strategies will be promoted by TigerWit;

The account which became a master cannot follow other masters.

The factors affecting ranking are ultimately based on TigerWit official statistics. If you need any help, please contact customer service or send e-mail to: {{}}