Conditions and Clauses

Valid from: Oct. 30th, 2017

  • Legal Notices

    Read the terms, conditions and notices regarding the use of this website.

  • Client Agreement

    The Client Agreement will constrain the relationship between TigerWit and you.

  • Risk Disclosure Notice

    Before you use the TigerWit’s service, you must consider carefully whether you are suitable for CFD trading based on your circumstances and financial situation.

  • Privacy Policy and Cookie Disclosure

    This document describes the management of TigerWit Personal Data Policy in detail.

  • Terms and Conditions of Business

    This document describes TigerWit Limited Services Guide in detail, designed to help you decide whether to use the services we provide or not.

  • Trade Responsibly Notice

    This document is designed to remind you of knowing the market, knowing the relative and using leverage advantage effectively.

  • Trading Conditions Notice

    This document describes different investment strategies that involve varying degrees of risk in detail, designed to help you decide whether to use the services we provide or not.

  • Declaration by Client

    Read and understand the TigerWit Trading Risk Reminder and Exemption Clauses.

  • Client Categorization Notice

    Check the Definition of Client and Client Categorization Criteria.

  • Protecting Client Funds

    This document describes the measures taken by TigerWit to protect your funds in detail.

  • Order Execution Policy

    Read and understand the terms which are about the Execution Policy of our financial instruments. This document is a part of the Client Agreement.

  • Conflicts of Interest Policy

    This document describes the effective precautions we will take when Conflicts of Interest are found in detail.

  • Complaint Handling Procedure

    Understand the Complaint Handling Procedure.

  • Trade Copying Declaration

    Read and understand the TigerWit Trading Trade Copying Declaration.