Trade Fees

The followings are the fee standards of TigerWit, so you always know what fees you will incur when you trade with us.


Spread refers to the difference between the bid price and the ask price, TigerWit draws prices based on the value of the underlying market, forex spreads will change based on the price of the basic market.

Please check TigerWit spread details of each symbol

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Name Average Spread
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Overnight Interest

Overnight Interest usually happens in the case of positions overnight. Overnight Interest will be calculated at 5:00pm EST. Orders opened before this time are considered overnight positions and need to calculate overnight interest.

TigerWit updates overnight Interest quotes every Monday, but does not rule out the dramatic fluctuations caused by unpredictable market conditions, overnight interest may change within the same day.

The overnight interest depends on the difference between the current spot price and the interest rate of the two currencies under the customer service level. The service does not charge any commission or other fees. You can check overnight interest quotes.

The following is the overnight interest calculation form, you can calculate the daily overnight interest on your holding positions according to the following table.

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Name Calculation Mode of Swap Swap Long(USD/Lot) Swap Short(USD/Lot)
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* The overnight interest rate for positions held overnight on Wednesday will be three times the normal. Exception: USD/CAD calculates three times of overnight interest on Thursday.

* If the transaction day is a public holiday, the overnight interest will be calculated the day before.

In addition, if it is the position during the holiday season, you will pay or get more overnight interest.

Procedure fee

The spread of Index product is 0, TigerWit will charges a certain percentage fees for Index.

Name Commission(USD/Lot)
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The Master's Commission

TigerWit provides the industry's advanced and innovative automated order copying system. Investors can obtain the same proportion of investment income by following master trading. TigerWit opens the copy order function for the customer on the condition that the masters agrees and authorizes it, and according to the agreement, TigerWit will deduct 20% of the profit of the customer's as the commission of the masters.

On the 1st of every month, the system calculates the profit which following masters, and deducts 20% of the profit portion as master's commission; on the 10th of every month, the system settles the commission to the master.

When you chose 'Unfollow and force close the orders', the system will calculation and settle all orders following the master, and deducts 20% of the profit portion as a high commission.

When you chose 'Cancel follow master but follow to close', the system will calculation and settle when all orders following the master are fully closed, and deducts 20% of the profit portion as a high commission.

As long as the opened order is follow the master, the settlement will be carried out.

Deposit Fees

Wire transfer:TigerWit does not charge wire transfer fees, different banks in the purchase of foreign exchange and remittances will charge different fees (usually fee, telegraph fee and transit costs), the costs incurred in the purchase of foreign exchange and remittance shall be borne by the customer, TigerWit will be the actual amount of money to customers recharge.

Wallet Deposit: TigerWit does not charge any fees.

Payment Of Internet Banking: The fees charged by the payment channel is borne by the customer, mobile Internet Banking pays a 2% rate per payment, PC-side Internet Banking pays a 1.8% rate per payment, TigerWit does not charge any fees.

Withdrawal Fees

Free withdrawals 4 times per month each account, more than 4 times, charge $1 for each withdrawal.