TigerWit Copy Regulations

Copy Account

System will use the special copy account to follow masters, the special copy account will be generated if there is no one, and all copy operation will use this special account.

Copy Master

You can copy up to 10 masters. Each transaction masters’ copy amount is not the same, you can choose one to follow depend on your account situation.

Copy Amount

The copy amount can be set by yourself, the minimum amount cannot lower than the master’s minimum copy amount, and the maximum amount cannot greater than your account available amount.
*Available amount = Balance – Copied funds

Copy master open order

1. After successful copy, the copy account will open orders with master synchronously.
* User copy lots = (Master order lots*Follower funds)/Master balance

Free margin = Follower’s funds - Occupied margin + Floating P/L

When the copy funds are short, will no longer place orders with the master.

2. It may cause the failure of follow orders when the master open and close orders in a short time.

3. The account only copy master’s open orders but not pending orders, and will copy the pending orders when it closed.

Follow master to close orders

1. After successful copy, the account will follow the master to close orders synchronously, the profit and loss of these orders will be credited to the reproduction amount.

2.You can manually close orders that following the master, and the copy relationship will still exist.

3.You can change the order’s state into: Do not follow to close. This order will not follow to close when master close position once the state is changed, and you can set take profit and stop loss manually.

4.You can choose cancel and follow the close or cancel and force a flat when you unfollowing a master.

5. The website assumes no liability to the profit and loss caused by copying masters.

Copy master profit share

1. System will statistics and settlement the master’s situation, and deduct 20% copy profit as commission; System will make commission settlement on the 10th of each month.

2. System will statistics and settlement all the orders and deduct 20% as commission when you cancel and force a flat.

3.System will statistics and settlement all the orders and deduct 20% as commission after closed all following orders when you cancel and follow the close.

4. As long as you follow the orders of the master to open orders, the commissions will be settled.

Before copy a master, please make sure you already consider your financial status and understand the copy service have highly speculative also could sustain a great loss.Caution, we cannot provide any assurance of the performance of any specific investment, account, portfolio or strategy.

If you have any question about the copy regulations, please contact the service center 400 - 809 - 8509 .