How do I fund my account?
Please manage deposits in the 'Deposit' section. You can make deposits via telegraphic transfer or Neteller via the app. You can also make deposits via Paysec in the 'Deposit' section of the website.
How do I withdraw funds?
Manage withdrawals in the Withdraw' section of the app. You can withdraw funds at any time, although we recommend that you maintain a surplus of margin in your account if you have open positions. There is no charge for withdrawals.
How long does it take to transfer funds?
Deposits are usually credited to your account immediately. We process withdrawal requests immediately and expect Neteller and Paysec funds to be returned within three working days. Telegraphic transfers may take up to five days.
What is the minimum deposit?
The minimum deposit is USD50.
What are the restrictions on withdrawal?
Only the approved live accounts can withdraw funds; The clients can only withdrawal after depositing; Trading behavior is required after depositing; The minimum withdrawal amount is USD30.
Are there any withdrawal fees?
TigerWit supports multiple methods of withdrawal. The withdrawal fees charged by the payment channel are borne by the client. TigerWit does not charge any withdrawal fees. When you withdraw funds, the system will prompt for specific fees.